ResMed AirCurve 10 S 

ResMed AirCurve 10 S 

The AirCurve 10 S BiLevel Machine with HumidAir Heated Humidifier operates on a set, higher pressure for inspiration and a set, lower pressure for expiration. The machine’s comfort features are designed to help the user adjust to the two delivered pressures. This is a bilevel machine delivering one pressure for inhalation and one for exhalation while monitoring the length of the breaths and responding to alter the timing as needed to maintain the respiratory cycle. 


Easy-Breathe Comfort Feature
Built-In HumidAir Heated Humidifier
TiControl and Adjustable Rise Time
LCD Displays with My Options
Enhanced Vsync Technology
SmartStart / SmartStop

Easy-Breathe Comfort Feature

The Easy-Breathe feature on the AirCurve 10 S is designed to imitate a more natural breathing pattern. At the point of transition between the two pressures, a waveform of increasing and decreasing pressure is released to encourage a natural resting breath.

Built-In HumidAir Heated Humidifier

The AirCurve 10 S has a fully integrated humidifier built-in to the machine to supply moisture and a warmer temperature throughout the hose to increase therapy comfort. Using the My Options screen on the machine, the humidification level is easy to set. Numbers 1 through 8 are listed on the screen, 1 represents the lowest level of humidification, and 8 represents the highest. The humidifier is not required for therapy, so it may be turned off if it is not desired.

The addition of the OPTIONAL ClimateLineAir heated tube assists in maintaining the warm temperature throughout the hose to prevent Rainout as the environmental temperature changes.

TiControl and Adjustable Rise Time

The TiControl feature on the AirCurve S machine monitors the pattern of inhalation and exhalation, comparing it against the TiMax and TiMin settings on the machine. Those with respiratory disorders such as COPD or obstructive lung disease may experience early or delayed changes from inspiration to expiration, referred to as cycling. The 10 S BiLevel TiControl feature is designed to prevent cycling by setting a minimum and maximum time limit on inspiration. When the machine detects the user breathing which falls outside the machine settings, it will intervene to alter the timing of the delivered IPAP (inhalation) or EPAP (exhalation) pressure.

TiControl Settings:

Ti Max: Maximum length of Inhalation
Ti Min: Minimum length of Inhalation
Trigger: Sensitivity level for inhalation trigger
Cycle: Sensitivity level for exhalation

Adjustable rise time is similar to TiControl. Both features support the user’s ability to breathe at the appropriate time. Rise time is designed for this bilevel machine to increase the range of time from expiration to inspiration based on the set time requirement. Please Note: The rise time should not exceed the time set for inspiration due to a required higher pressure at inhalation.

IMPORTANT FUNCTION NOTE: The AirCurve 10 S machine does spontaneously regulate the breathing pattern to avoid cycling which results in inefficient breathing. This machine DOES NOT deliver a breath on a timed basis. This machine is NOT a BiLevel ST machine and DOES NOT have a backup rate setting.

LCD Display with My Options

The AirCurve™ 10 S BiLevel has a color LCD display. The menus are designed to be easy to read and use. Select the menu item on the screen by turning the easy grip dial. Select the My Options menu to view and modify the current settings:

Ramp time – Ease into therapy with a period of lower pressure, or select AutoRamp™ allowing the machine to sense and adjust when sleep begins.
Humidity Level – Set humidity between 1 (lowest) & 8 (highest), or turn it off.
Mask Fit – Runs a seal integrity check showing a green smiling face for a good fit or red frowning face for a poor fit.
Leak Alert- Set the device to begin beeping when a large leak is detected or the mask is removed.
SmartStart – Therapy automatically starts when it senses breathing.
SmartStop – Therapy automatically stops when the mask is removed.
Mask Type – Set the mask type being used: Nasal; Nasal Pillow; Full Face Mask.
Run Warmup – Preheat the humidifier water before starting therapy.

Enhanced Vsync Technology

If changes occur in mask pressure or the seal of the mask, Vsync technology is established to quickly detect the leak. Vsync leak management is developed by ResMed to track and control leakage and to relay accurate data in the instance that a leak arises. The goal is to provide the user with a factual estimation of airflow. Likewise, the differences in lung capacity can be determined by the Trigger and Cycle Sensitivity feature. The level selected reflects the respiratory effort of the user.

SmartStart / SmartStop

The intuitive AirCurve 10 S SmartStart component automatically starts the device when the user breathes into the mask. The SmartStop component stops the device when the user removes the mask.

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